Call for the fourth edition of the “Mr. Oscar de la Renta Dominican Emigrant Award”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) formally opened the call for nominations for the fourth edition of the “Mr. Oscar de la Renta Dominican Emigrant Award”, a call to recognize Dominicans abroad, whose contributions have had a positive impact on the community where they reside and in the Dominican Republic.

Through a press release, the institution informed that as of this Thursday, the reception of nominations was open, for which it called on civil society organizations, academic, business, religious, as well as social institutions and individuals, to propose emigrants who have the merits to access this award, which honors the name of a Dominican example of life, overcoming and effort, which managed to arouse international admiration and respect, as was Mr. Oscar de la Renta.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is September 30 of this year and Dominican emigrants and their descendants, of first and second generation living in different countries of the world, who have stood out for their human, moral and professional qualities, with significant contributions to the society where they reside and to the Dominican community, may participate.

The presentation of this award is part of the commitment of the current administration with Dominicans living abroad: to support, protect and recognize them, as established in the first axis of the new foreign policy. The evaluation criteria are based on a life trajectory dedicated to work and study, with attachment to the Dominican Republic, added to the contributions that serve as a paradigm for all Dominicans and other citizens of the world.

The Foreign Ministry said that “the award has three fundamental objectives which are: to motivate the Dominican emigrant population and their descendants; to promote the good image of our fellow countrymen and women who live and develop in other countries promoting the values of Dominican nationality, and to recognize the merits of men and women who have excelled in other nations and with their actions elevate the name of our country”.

The third edition

The winner of the third edition was Mrs. Casilda Luna, who received the award from the hands of President Luis Abinader, accompanied by Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez, being the first time that a Dominican head of state attended.

Luna is a prominent Dominican in Washington, D.C., United States, where since 1962 she has oriented her work in favor of her compatriots, promoting the national culture and the social welfare of the various communities residing in that city, who for her struggle for the human rights of immigrants and minorities, the newspaper The Washington Post called “the mother of immigrants”.

The 2021 edition was sponsored by prestigious institutions and companies of the country, being the first time that this award is developed with the support of the private sector.

About the Award

The “Mr. Oscar de la Renta Dominican Emigrant Award”, was created by decree number 242-17, to recognize the merits of our diaspora, which puts the name of our country on high in other latitudes.

The bases and all the information about the new delivery of this award can be found on its web page:

Nominations must be deposited at the Specialized Diplomacy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Diplomatic and Consular Missions, at the offices of the Institute of the Dominican Abroad (INDEX) and at the Commercial Offices abroad.


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