Candidates presented for selection of the Government Integrity and Regulatory Compliance Commission of MITUR

With the main objective of serving as a promoting entity for the validity and consolidation of ethics and transparency, elections will be held for the conformation of the members of the Government Integrity and Regulatory Compliance Commission (CIGN).

These actions are aimed at meeting the needs of the collective interest of the different institutions, responding to universal principles such as ethics, transparency, accountability, equity and continuity.

We remind that part of the attributions of the referred committee is to develop actions and promote the fulfillment of public purposes, monitor and instruct in matters of participation of public servants, as well as to analyze and recommend actions on consultations received in accordance with the ethical and moral standards of the legislation in force.

The postulants in the different occupational groups are the following: Group I, Fatima Polanco, Angelo Dominguez; Group II, Génesis Gómez, Chayanne Vicioso; Group III, Frederick Vázquez, Rudin Rosario; Group IV, Chiara Guzmán, Helen Uribe and Group V, Bolivar Valerio, Maribel Hernández.

The election of the candidates will be held in the Multipurpose Hall of the Ministry of Tourism this Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and all the collaborators of the institution can exercise their vote.

Present at the activity were the members of the Institutional Electoral Committee, Natachú Domínguez, Interim Legal Consultant; the directors Napoleón de la Cruz and Franklin Arosemena, of Communications and Technology, respectively; Jessica Reynoso, of Quality Management; Vitalia D’ Oleo, Free Access to Information; Merlin Graciano, of Budget, Wanda Valdez, Fixed Assets, among others.

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