China wants to strengthen ties with Dominican Republic

Bilateral trade volume has already reached 1.2 billion dollars

Among its aspiration China want to strengthen and take advantages of the ties with the Dominican Republic to develop investment projects and expand economic, cultural and academic cooperation.

That what Shoujian Gao said, representative here of the Business Development House for the Asian nation, interviewed by Hoy newspaper.

In his opinion, the ties between the two countries are in a very special situation and should take the opportunity to develop large projects of Chinese companies and entrepreneurs. We are at a stage to promote real relationships, especially we can work, for example in the fields of culture, academic, economic and trade, he said.He said that in recent years the cooperation between China and Dominican Republic has obtained a very visible development, and bilateral trade volume has already reached 1.2 billion.

We had meetings with officials from the Dominican Ministry of Tourism, who expressed their interest to bring Chinese visitors to this country, Gao said before referring to the need to overcome the distance and other obstacles.The China National Council for International Trade Business is considering making an exhibition at Dominican Republic, probably in October 2013, he added.

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