CNE trains 45,073 people to promote responsible energy use

In an effort to raise awareness about the responsible use of energy and its environmental impact, the National Energy Commission (CNE) continues to implement an extensive training program aimed at schools, colleges, universities, companies and civil society organizations. To this end, through the “Program for the Dissemination and Rational Use of Energy”, it has trained 45,073 children, adolescents, young people and adults in 2024.

This initiative seeks to raise awareness of the importance of energy saving as a fundamental strategy to protect the environment, reduce pollution and mitigate climate change, promoting sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources.

Anny de Windt, in charge of the program, highlighted the importance of these talks as a valuable resource for the community and pointed out that practices to save energy and take care of the planet include actions such as disconnecting electrical equipment and turning off lights when leaving homes, businesses and workplaces, in addition to having more energy-efficient equipment, among others.

The program fosters a dynamic and interactive learning environment, in which participants are offered the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a practical way. The objective is for them to become multipliers of efficient energy use and energy savings in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities, in order to create a positive impact in various social areas.

Ongoing commitment

This work carried out by the Division for the Rational Use of Energy demonstrates the commitment of the CNE to comply with Law 125-01 (General Electricity Law), which in its Article 14, paragraph f, makes the institution responsible for promoting the rational use of energy throughout the national territory.

On this Environment Day, the National Energy Commission reiterated its commitment to the promotion of an energy saving culture that ensures the environmental well-being and sustainable development of the Dominican Republic. The institution will continue its educational work, with the goal of expanding its reach and training more citizens throughout the national territory.

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