Collado brags about his transparent management: “Not a penny has been lost”

More than 6,263 million pesos have been awarded during the oversight process with the Observatory of Good Practices at the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur).

“In four years, not a single penny from the Ministry of Tourism has gone astray,” stated David Collado when highlighting the work done with tenders under his management.

He indicated that as a sign of the transparency of his management, the creation of the committee to supervise the bids of the processes carried out in the institution was requested.

“We respect public funds, people’s funds, we have a clear conviction that transparency cannot be just a discourse in the media and social networks, we are wholeheartedly committed to do things totally different and we are doing so”, expressed the minister.

During a press conference with the participation of all the representatives of the committee, the minister informed that the processes will be taken to the universities, so that the students have the knowledge.


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