Collado meets with U.S. Transportation Secretary

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, met with the Secretary of Transportation of the United States, Peter Buttigieg, where they discussed the progress of aviation in the Dominican Republic, including the approval of the new Aviation Law, recently enacted.

Buttigieg congratulated the Dominican Republic and the leadership of President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism in aviation matters in such a short period of time.

He recognized the great work done by the country’s technical team, for having complied with all the observations raised by the FAA audit for the permanence in category 1, pending only the approval of the aviation law, which was recently enacted by the Executive Branch after being approved by Congress.

For this work, President Abinader appointed a commission headed by Collado, the businessman Manuel Estrella and the director of the IDAC, Héctor Porcella.

In addition, Buttigieg recognized the great work done by the Dominican Republic’s team to complete the negotiations for the signing of an open skies agreement between the two nations that was on the table for more than two decades and was closed during this administration.

Minister Collado visited Buttigieg at the headquarters of the Secretary of Transportation in Washington D.C. accompanied by a national delegation that included the director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), Hector Porcella and the vice minister of tourism Patricia Mejia, among others.

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