Commission created to “double the size of the GDP” Goal DR 2036

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, created the RD 2036 Goal Commission, in order to identify the actions and reforms necessary to double the size of the Dominican real GDP by 2036, as well as to achieve the goals established in the National Development Strategy (END) and the National Competitiveness Strategy (ENC).

The President’s decision is contained in Decree 337-24, dated Monday, June 17.

The Presidency informed that this commission is integrated by the Ministry of the Presidency, which presides it; the National Competitiveness Council, as secretary, and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development.

The participation of the members will be on an honorary basis. The institutions that make up the RD 2036 Target Commission will be represented by their heads or by an official designated by them.

The document states that the DR 2036 Target Commission may meet to review the progress of the plan and determine the actions necessary for its fulfillment as often as it deems appropriate, but at least every two months.

The conclusions and recommendations of the RD 2036 Target Commission will be adopted by an absolute majority of votes and will be expressed in a resolution.

The quorum will be completed with two of the three institutions that make up the commission.

Functions of the commission

  • Establish committees for the elaboration of sectoral and cross-cutting proposals,
    formed by the economic sectors and sub-sectors that make up the national accounts of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Establish a Unit for Results Management, with the objective of articulating the work of the committees, defining performance indicators and monitoring the execution of the plan to double the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2036.
  • Approve the RD 2036 Target Plan, which should prioritize the measures with the greatest impact and establish a critical implementation path with specific short, medium and long term periods until 2036, as well as the performance indicators that will be used.
  • Hold quarterly meetings in the plenary of the National Competitiveness Council (CNC) to present the progress of the RO 2036 Target Plan.
  • Promote compliance with the RO 2036 Target Plan through strategic guidelines that support public planning exercises and their corresponding budgetary exercises.
  • Follow up and monitor the actions contained in the RD 2036 Target Plan to ensure compliance.
  • Submit to the President of the Republic a periodic report on the progress and fulfillment of the actions to be executed by the entities and bodies of the Public Administration to comply with the RD 2036 Target Plan.

Institutional Collaboration

The RD 2036 Target Commission will collaborate with the High Level Inter-institutional Commission for Sustainable Development, in order to integrate the actions of the plan in the Sustainable Development Agenda and validate that they are articulated with the objective of doubling the real GDP by 2036.

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPyD) will facilitate, through the development councils and the interaction with the communities, “so that the aspiration pursued by the RO 2036 Target Commission can influence these communities and hear their suggestions to be incorporated into the RO 2036 Target Plan”.

This instrument will allow close coordination between the various state agencies and the country’s production sectors, to ensure that the proposed strategies and actions are effective and adapted to the realities and needs of the country.

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