Condex awards 100 Dominicans living abroad

During a moving ceremony

The National Council for Dominican Communities Abroad (Condex) hosted a moving ceremony Tuesday night to award 100 Dominicans for their outstanding careers in all walks of life in various parts of the world.

In the keynote speech Alejandro Santos, Condex vice president cited the immigrant’s accomplishments, ranging from noted designers to Major League Baseball figures, and even an anthropologist.

The event also served as the release of the book titled 100 Outstanding Dominican resent Abroad, whose 115 pages contain their biographies, merits, performance and contributions as Dominican Republic’s good will ambassadors.

He also stated his pride for hosting the event to recognize so many good dominicans for their efforts. I feel good about discovering Dominican values, I feel satisfaction and pride of being Dominican and I believe that sentiment has been present tonight.

Santos added he also felt glad in knowing that Dominicans love and appreciate those who’ve always upheld such values, and though regrettably living abroad, noted that the population of our citizens in other countries equals 15% of our total.

As to Condex’s future goals, the official affirmed that the entity’s work to bring Dominicans abroad closer to home will be expanded. We will continue to connect them with our country so that link and their desire to continue to feel Dominican despite where they live aren’t lost. We have 14 councils and will continue widening them to include more communities and increasingly more Dominicans.

From the TV psychologist Nancy Alvarez, to Cleopatra tomb hunter Kathleen Martinez, all they way through Yankees Robinson Canó and Alex Rodriguez, the actor Manny Perez, the designer Oscar del Renta, the Pulitzer Prize writer Junot Diaz and to the New York State judges Diccia Pineda and Rita Mella, the diaspora’s presence was strongly felt that night.

TV show host and ex Miss World, Mariasela Alvarez served as master of ceremony in the awards, where the guests, many of which represented those recognized, enjoyed songs performed by Angela Carrasco, and the cocktail held in the hotel Meliá Santo Domingo.

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