Congressmen present bill to promote tourism

Deputies Orlando Jorge Villegas (PRM), Omar Fernández (LFP) and Víctor Fadul (PLD), presented a bill that seeks to stimulate consumption by tourists in the country, through the refund of the tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services (ITBIS).

The initiative establishes that foreign tourists and non-residents in the country who acquire nationally produced or imported goods may request the refund of the ITBIS at the time of their departure from the Dominican Republic.

According to the bill, the refund of ITBIS to foreigners and non-residents in the country seeks to encourage the consumption of tourists in local commerce and generate a positive impact on the economy through the multiplier effect in the generation of jobs.

The bill points out that more than a dozen countries in the world already have systems for refunding this type of tax to tourists, which has allowed them to increase the purchasing power of visitors and increase the consumption of goods and services in their respective tourist destinations.

It also establishes that the ITBIS refund to foreign tourists and non-residents in the country will only be used for the acquisition of goods of national and imported production detailed in the law, such as food and beverages for human consumption for export, handicrafts, costume jewelry, textile confections, jewelry, among others.

The bill will be debated in the National Congress in the next few days. The initiative is expected to increase the consumption of tourists in the Dominican Republic and generate a greater positive impact on the local economy.


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