Construction of cruise terminal in Samaná

President Luis Abinader broke ground for the construction of the Samaná Bayport, a cruise ship terminal that will generate 150 direct jobs and 500 indirect jobs.

The project will have a private investment of US$22 million, with the capacity to receive up to 10,000 tourists per day and some three million per year.

President Abinader highlighted the positive aspect of the cooperation between the public and private sectors in the construction of a country attached to the policies of growth and development of our tourism industry, which is one of the pillars of our economy.

The president explained that this project was born with the idea of covering an important need in terms of cruise tourism in the country and is in addition to other works already started in Puerto Plata and Pedernales.

“With the construction of this tourist port Samaná Bayport, the Dominican Republic puts itself at the forefront of the tourism and cruise offer in the Caribbean area,” said President Abinader.

He also announced that the new port will have the capacity to operate three cruise ships of up to 5,000 passengers simultaneously, with the minimum possible visual pollution and environmental impact.

He added that this work fulfills one of his aspirations since he took office: “to configure an integral tourist offer that contains both a quality hotel offer, with beach tourism and other activities thanks to the strengthening of the national tourist poles”.

For his part, the director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), Jean Luis Rodríguez, highlighted the importance of this cruise terminal for the Samaná peninsula by having an important economic impact for the region, which guarantees the development of the residents of Samaná and surrounding areas.

“We are not just building a port, we are building opportunities, capacities, growth; we are building a better future for this blessed land.”

Likewise, the director of the Temarsan Consortium, Federico Schad, pointed out that this new project, added to the private investments that have been taking place, create the platform to transform the boardwalk into an attractive commercial area and encourage the establishment of more restaurants, stores and entertainment venues.”

The new cruise infrastructure will include a commercial and recreational area, food and beverage establishments, a tourist information and first aid center, among others.

Remodeling of public wharf

The President immediately went to the public pier, where he observed the plans for its remodeling.

The work is also under the responsibility of the Dominican Port Authority.

Also present were the Minister of State without Portfolio, Geanilda Vásquez; Senator Pedro Catrain; the director of the National Police, Eduardo Alberto Then; the administrator of the Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra, and the Comptroller General of the Republic, Catalino Correa.

Also present were the Commander General, ARD, Vice Admiral Ramón Gustavo Betances; Governor Teodora Mullix; the Mayor for the municipality of Samaná, Nelson Núñez; the Commander General, FARD, Leonel Muñoz Noboa; the President of the Board of Apordom, Alejandro Campos; on behalf of Samaná Bayport, Alexander Schad, Manuel Peynado and Jacinto Peynado.

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