Construction of new terminal at AILA will depend on “tariff adjustments”

The renegotiation announced by President Luis Abinader of the concession contract with Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom) contemplates a “tariff adjustment” for inflation every year starting in 2024, which will have to be paid by regular and charter passengers.

The adjustment would be in addition to the US$18.42 that passengers pay each time they leave the country and the same amount when they arrive, according to local press reports.

This “adjustment” will also affect baggage handling fees, at US$3.11 per inbound passenger and US$3.11 per outbound passenger on scheduled and charter international flights, according to the provisions of Article 6.B of the contract.

It also contemplates a charge of US$2.70 corresponding to a proportion of the inflation of the year 2022. Likewise, it is stated that the construction of a new terminal at the AILA, as announced, will depend on the compliance with the adjustments to the established tariffs.

The new contract, which would come into effect after its enactment by the Executive Power following its approval in both chambers, also states that the State will indemnify the concessionaire Aerodom for all costs or losses incurred by it in the event that any of the agreed inflation adjustments cannot be applied on time.

Article 6 of the contract establishes that the construction of the new passenger terminal at Las Americas International Airport, contemplated in the renewal of the contract, will depend on the collection of “these adjustments”.

As of November 1, 2024, the airport charges described in Section 6.2.2 (departure and arrival payment and baggage handling) of this contract will be adjusted according to the increase of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the period between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023, plus an increase of 2.7% dollars, corresponding to a proportion of the inflation of year two 2022″, as stated in Article 6.2.2 of the contract.

For the year 2025 it contemplates that: “…as of November 1, 2025, the airport charges described in Section 6.2.2. of this contract shall be adjusted in accordance with the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the period from January 1, 2024) to December 31, 2024, plus 2. The effectiveness of the 2024 tariff adjustment and the 2025 tariff adjustment are conditions precedent to the commencement of the works related to the construction of the New AILA Terminal by the Concessionaire; consequently, until the conditions precedent indicated above are met, the commencement of said works shall not be enforceable against the Concessionaire”.

Source: Arecoa


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