Creation of Wikimediadominicana

To provide more detailed information on Dominican Republic

Leonel Fernández, speaking in representation of his Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode), has announced that steps have been taken towards the creation of Wikimediadominicana, a non-governmental organization that will seek to provide more detailed information on Dominican Republic historical, social, cultural, economic, arts and educational programs.

The announcement was made in the presence of the co-founder of Wikipedia the online encyclopedia, Jimmy Wales.

Dominican president also said that the new Internet section would include topics that are not found in conventional encyclopedias. The main goal is to spread knowledge that is developed collectively and collaboratively.

If I look for Cotui in the Encyclopedia Britannica, it will not appear. The only place it appears is in Wikipedia, he said, to emphasize the importance of the site. This is the great transformation of humanity in the 21st century, said Fernández, referring to the digital encyclopedia.

The director of Education and Educational Technology for Funglode, Paul Goris, said the new institution would promote free knowledge to be published in Wikipedia.

He said: Wikimediadominicana is an NGO that has its own legal standing and has the basic objective of promoting the ideology, mission, purpose of an institution called Wikimedia that exists in the US and that coordinates all activities of Wikipedia, which is very well known worldwide.

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