Culture Ministers plan post-pandemic recovery measures

The Ministers of Culture of the Ibero-American countries met to agree on a series of measures to give impetus to the cultural sector, which they consider fundamental for the recovery from the multidimensional crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Ibero-America.

The Minister of Culture of the Republic, Milagros Germán said that the Ibero-American countries are committed to develop formulas for the recovery and preservation of our cultural heritage.

At the meeting, organized by the Dominican Republic, participants recognized that culture and its industries have been strongly affected by the pandemic, but stressed that Ibero-American Cooperation has been able to respond to this enormous challenge.

The countries will use a sustainable development strategy to measure the contribution of their national and regional public policies to linking culture with employment, inclusion and social justice, gender equality, health and the environment, among others.

The Declaration also supports the creation of the Ibero-American Reciprocal Guarantee Fund as a measure that will contribute to the recovery of the cultural sector. This Fund, which will be financed by contributions from the countries, will make it possible to offer lines of credit for the development of cultural projects in the region.

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