DHL restores restricted parcel service to Cuba

The DHL parcel delivery company reestablished its services to Cuba after having temporarily suspended them on August 23 due to the epidemiological situation worldwide, which made it difficult to have more cargo capacity on airlines bound for the island.

DHL notified the Empresa de Mensajería y Cambio Internacional del Grupo Empresarial Correos de Cuba of the reestablishment of services, which said in a note that the services were reestablished “with restrictive shipment limits, based on the space capacity that the contracted airline provides to that entity”.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused and for the delay in providing this information, which DHL had notified Correos de Cuba since September 29 and which, due to errors in the management of internal communication within our postal organization, was not communicated in a timely manner,” Correos de Cuba said in its note.

The news of the suspension of DHL’s services in Cuba was published on August 25 by Correos de Cuba on its official Facebook page.

DHL announced to its Cuban counterpart that as of Monday, August 23, it temporarily stopped sending parcels to Cuba, while the document service to Havana and the rest of the provinces remained available.

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