DiDi launches promotion to attract visitors in Colonial City

DiDi launched a promotion aimed at visitors to the Colonial City of Santo Domingo.

The transportation company highlighted that the historic center of Santo Domingo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a cultural treasure that captivates local and international visitors.

“Known for being the first city in the Americas, the downtown area is home to museums, bookstores, restaurants and parks. However, like other cities in the world, it presents a great challenge in terms of mobility, mainly due to limited parking spaces,” the company said.

He added that in recent years modifications were made to the streets, improving the experience of tourists during their visit and from where alternatives are sought for a more efficient and reliable mobility, and thus explore every corner of this Caribbean jewel.

“Enjoying the view of the Caribbean Sea along the iconic Malecon of Santo Domingo can be an easy panoramic view using the technological options offered by DiDi,” he said in a statement.

He considers that in public parking lots it is possible to spend approximately 50 pesos per hour for parking, and that, in addition, it is common to find parking attendants on the street, who can charge between 100 to 200 pesos, and usually ask for this payment in advance, situations that make it more expensive to travel to this area of the Dominican capital.

“DiDi Express is an accessible technological option, which is not only safe and efficient, but also economical. We want Dominicans who use the application to have the possibility of getting more value for their money, to give themselves the opportunity to use technology to their advantage; and thus be witnesses mainly of savings, while enjoying the different plans offered by the colonial center of Santo Domingo,” said Priscila Sand√≠, Regional Communications Manager for DiDi.

She recalled that, with the arrival of summer, the influx of tourists and visitors increases as thousands of Dominicans living abroad arrive with their families and children to enjoy the summer vacations and the Colonial City is the main option for fun and recreation in an enjoyable way.


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