Dominican Airline Association congratulates Arajet

The Dominican Airlines Association (ADLA) congratulates ARAJET on the arrival of its first aircraft and the upcoming start of operations.

“The start of operations of an airline is always a reason to rejoice and if it has been driven and developed by the talent, tenacity and resilience of Dominican entrepreneurs, it fills us with special pride.

¨ARAJET confirms that Dominicans, even in adverse scenarios, are capable of expanding our wings and take flight with determination and faith in our country,” said Omar Chahin Lama, president of the entity.

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“From ADLA we are honored to congratulate its president, Victor M. Pacheco Mendez, an experienced and recognized business executive with an extensive background in the financial services industry, member of our board of directors.

He has had the vision to promote a low-cost airline, making it possible for Dominicans to realize their dream of travel and will surely play a stellar role in the development of the tourism industry,” added Chahin.

Arajet has just taken delivery of the first of five state-of-the-art aircraft, a Boeing 737 Max 800, which it has named Pico Duarte.

As a tribute to the highest mountain in the Caribbean and which in turn honors the memory of the Father of the Nation, with which it is expected to begin service to important destinations in the Americas in a few days.

The ARAJET brand refers to ARA or Macaw, a bird that is characterized by taking care of its family under the warmth and security of its wings.


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