Dominican government measures during Easter Week rated as positive by tourists

Tourists who traveled to different parts of the country to enjoy their vacations for the Holy Week holiday described as positive the measures established by the Ministry of Tourism in coordination with the military agencies to safeguard the health and safety of each one of them.

The visitors said that the measures taken by Tourism, Public Health and other institutions, were issued by the authorities in order to protect the health and welfare of the population.

Throughout the holiday, the Ministers of Tourism, David Collado and of Defense, the Director General of the National Police (PN), Major General Edward Sánchez González, and the director of the Specialized Tourism Security Corps (CESTUR), Brigadier General Juan Carlos Torres Robiou, among other authorities, were conducting tours of all tourist resorts, beaches and spas, supervising compliance with the provisions set forth in Resolution DJ-007/2021.

In this sense, the Ministry of Tourism was delivering health safety protection kits in the places of recreation where national and foreign tourists enjoyed in peace and family, as well as in the tolls.

Likewise, a cleaning plan was carried out at beaches and resorts at the beginning of each morning so that visitors would find the space in optimal conditions for their enjoyment. The brigade, composed of 1,300 people, kept maintaining the areas during the day.

Also part of the awareness-raising operation was the placement of 500 billboards with messages about the importance of keeping the areas clean, in order to contribute to the environment and health.

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