Dominican political organizations participate in Communist party of China Summit

Representatives of 10 Dominican political organizations participated this Tuesday in the Summit of the Communist Party of China, in which were present, in person and virtually, the leaders of more than 160 countries.

At the event, held in Beijing and developed in the country by the Chinese Embassy in the Dominican Republic, Ambassador Zhang Run highlighted the active participation of a dozen Dominican political parties.

“Multilateralism, union and cooperation are the only possible way to form a community of shared destiny of humanity. The search for a better and happy life is the common yearning of all humanity, and the responsibility of the parties,” said the diplomat.

For her part, the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, congratulated on behalf of the Dominican government and political parties the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, while thanking the solidarity of the Asian country for providing timely vaccines to ensure the Dominican vaccination process.

“Thanks to the Chinese people and their ambassador in the country for making possible the arrival of more than 10 million vaccines to the Dominican Republic,” he said.

The president of the People’s Republic of China and general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, delivered the speech with an appeal to political parties of the world to cooperate to build the community of shared destiny of all mankind and meet the expectations of his people for a happy life.

The event in the country took place at the Ambassador’s hotel in Santo Domingo and was attended, in addition to Vice President Peña, by Alfredo Pacheco, president of the Chamber of Deputies; Hipólito Mejía, former president of the Republic; Carolina Mejía, secretary general of the Modern Revolutionary Party and mayor of the National District.

Also present were Santiago Zorrilla, vice-president of the Senate; Franklin García Fermín, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology; Miguel Mejía, Minister of Regional Integration Policies and General Secretary of the United Left Movement.

Also present were Charlie Mariotti, secretary general of the Dominican Liberation Party; Miguel Vargas Maldonado, president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party; Antonio Florián, secretary general of the People’s Force; Milton Morrison, president of the País Posible Party.

Also, Juan Dionisio Rodríguez, president of Frente Amplio; Guillermo Moreno, president of Alianza País Party; Ramón Rogelio Genao, secretary general of Partido Reformista Social Cristiano; Max Puig, president of Alianza por Democracia; and Cayetano Rodríguez, political leader.

The event was also attended by senators, deputies, sinologists, delegates of Chinese companies, and representatives of the Chinese colony, among others.

After the summit, the guests visited the exhibition of photographs of the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China from its foundation to the construction of the new China, the period of reform and opening to the outside world and the construction of socialism with Chinese peculiarities in the new era.

The Summit between the Communist Party of China and Political Parties of the World was held virtually on July 6, with the theme “For the Happiness of the People: Responsibilities of Political Parties”. More than 500 leaders and over 10,000 representatives of political parties and organizations from more than 160 countries participated.

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