Dominican Republic aims to attract Chinese tourists

To convert the country into their favorite destinations

President Danilo Medina on Tuesday took a major, if symbolic step toward his announced goal of 10 million tourists visiting Dominican Republic yearly, by welcoming in the National Palace, two Chinese families who chose to holiday in the country.

Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia said the visit is part of his department’s campaign to convert the Dominican Republic into one of the Chinese people’s favorite destinations.

He said Tourism promotes the country in China, to capitalize from that country’s 80 million citizens who travel the world.

Among the visitors figured Yong Cai, CEO of the Chint Group, which Garcia defined as Chin’s biggest manufacturer of electrical products.

As part of the campaign, the official said, a tourism channel with an audience of 580 million will come to the country to produce an infomercial on the Dominican Republic, in addition to a fashion magazine which prints more than one million copies.

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