Dominican Republic celebrates its Constitution Day

Dominican flagSeveral acts for the 168 anniversary

The 168 anniversary of the proclamation of the first Constitution of the Republic will be celebrated with different acts, during an assembly held in San Cristobal.
The celebration of the anniversary will have its start with a dawn concert by the Municipal Band at 6:00 a.m.

At 8:00 o’clock the National Flag will be raised at the provincial Governor’s Palace. One hour later, a Te Deum Mass will be offered in the Our Lady of Consolation Church, while at 9:30ama parade will start from the church towards the municipal offices. The commemorative program includes a floral offering at the municipal offices.

In a similar way, at 11:00amthe Dominican National Anthem will be played at the municipal palace and Mayor Raul Mondesi will give the welcoming speech.
Likewise, the president of the Commission of Patriotic Commemorations, Juan Daniel Balcacer, will offer the keynote speech and he will be followed by the provincial governor Julio Cesar Diaz.

After these ceremonies, there will be a military parade by the Armed Forces, the National Police and former constitutionalist combatants, the local baton ballet and students that will end at the Plaza of the Constituents.

Once there, they will also celebrate the commemoration of the Constituent Assembly, organized by the Adventist School, and will be ended by the National Anthem performed by the Choir from the Loyola Polytechnic Institution.

At 6:00 p.m. there will be the presentation of the judges of the Constitutional Tribunal in the Governor’s Palace.
At the ceremony, the presiding magistrate of the High Court, Milton Ray Guevara, will offer a talk on “The Historical Synthesis of the evolution of the Constitution and the creation of the Constitutional Tribunal”.

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