Dominican Republic continues push to attract film production

12 to 15 films to be made in the country in 2012

Leonel Fernandez, the Dominican Republic President presented the certificates of tax incentives for two films produced in the country this year, part of what the government hopes is an increase in local film production.

The films include Andy Garcia’s “The Truth” and “The King of Najayo”. Garcia’s film, which is being directed by Damian Lee, also stars Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker. According to Ellis Perez, the director of the country’s National Film Commission, between 12 and 15 films are slated to be made in the Dominican Republic in 2012, including domestic and foreign productions.

“This moment is very important”, Perez said, who pointed to Dominican actress Maria Montez, whose global exposure has only been increasing.

“The theme of the film industry and its development must become a priority”, he said. “There has bee much that has been advanced [thus far[, and now the Dominican Republic has one of the most advanced laws in the area of cinema”.

Joining Perez at the certificate ceremony were Lorelay Castillo, the deputy National Film Director, Eddy Martinez, deputy director of internal revenue and Alexander Santana, deputy culture minister, among others.

Dominican Republic Live, from Caribjournal, 11.06.12, 4pm

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