Dominican Republic is a great option for Chinese tourists

I think we have excellent opportunities”

Guangdong province Foreign Trade director Shoujian Gao said the Caribbean has a great future for Chinese tourists, while calling the Dominican Republic a complete destination with the highest standards. “Most Chinese tourists visiting Asia, Europe and the United States, becoming a potential Caribbean as Chinese tourists prefer not repeated and discover other exotic places like the Caribbean”, Shoujian said.

The Chinese official made the announcement during a visit with a delegation from Guangdong province, invited by Tourism minister Francisco Javier García, to participate in promotional activities taking place in the town, as an exchange experience and to promote trade between the two nations.

“I think we have excellent opportunities, we promote tourism from China to the Caribbean and back, if every tourist from Guangdong who comes spends one dollar that means 100 million in simple math”, he said.

Garcia stressed Dominican Republic’s openness for foreign investment. “We currently have around 70,000 rooms, only 14 percent operating at capacity, ensuring growth and opens the door for Chinese entrepreneurs to invest with confidence in Dominican Republic’s tourism industry”, the Dominican official said.

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