Dominican Republic is attractive for Australians

Work breakfast hosted by the Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries

Dominican Republic has become an attractive destination for Australians, whom despite the fact they live literally half away around the globe, are keenly aware that the quest for trade and investment knows no borders or distance.

The statement was made Thursday in presence of Australia Prime Minister Special Envoy John McCarthy, who headed a work breakfast hosted by the Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries, in which trade and investment was also on the menu.

The diplomat said despite the modest current investment of US$150.0 by Australians in the Caribbean nation, “Dominican Republic’s growing and stable economy makes it attractive for any country”.

Roundtable president Fernando González Nicolas and secretary Roberto Herrera welcomed the Australian Envoy to the activity held in Hotel Embajador, attended by numerous prominent of the private sector and business associations.

McCarthy was accompanied by Karina Menday, Executive Officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Americas and Africa Division, and Adjunct Ambassador to Dominican Republic, Katrina Cooper.

The Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic is an initiative which promotes bilateral relations between Dominican Republic and its 54 nations including Australia, which makes headway in the local mining, sugar, foods, beverages and education sectors, among others.

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