Dominican Republic records its best September in tourism history

The Ministry of Tourism has reported this Monday that the month of September just concluded, was the best September in the entire history of the Dominican Republic with tourist arrivals higher than in 2018, 2019 and 2020 .

September registered the entry of a total of 365,544 non-residents which represents a recovery of 14% of the influx received before the pandemic of covid 19, specifically in September 2019, and in turn 25% compared to the figures for September 2020, which represented the generation of about 412 million dollars to the country.

David Collado, minister of tourism, stated that tourist arrivals are to date higher than the 3.3 million air travel by non-residents in the Dominican Republic during 2021, surpassing for the eleventh month of 2019, and stressed that the recovery has been most noticeable in non-resident foreign tourists who tend to stay in the country for an average of 7 days.

Non-residents arriving in the country in 2021 were 79% tourists of foreign origin and the remaining 21% of Dominican origin.

The high tourist activity represented an increase in formal employment to 162,254 people distributed in more than 7 thousand companies for the month of August, varying by 6,648 additional employees compared to the month of July and 51 additional companies for the same date.

This growth was registered mainly in lodging establishments, more than 4,311, and food and beverage establishments, more than 1,800.

Hotel activity reached its post-pandemic peak in terms of rooms in operation. 87% of these remained in operation and 54% were occupied during the week, and 61% on weekends. Some 22% of these guests are of local origin and their booking rate per night highlights the positive short-term performance.

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