Dominican Republic. The Israeli embassy announces the arrival of water from air technology

The company DEMTECH Technologies Solutions, SRL. presented in the country the extraordinary advanced technology of the Israeli company WATERGEN, which allows the production of water, without water source, which is called atmospheric drinking water production or water production from air.

The executive director of the Water Cabinet, Mr. Gilberto Reynoso and the ambassador of Israel, Daniel Biran, headed the presentation, and together with representatives of the country’s press, got to know first hand and in detail the technology and the first machine to arrive in the country, in addition to being able to test and evaluate the quality of the water produced by the equipment, in a visit together with the country’s press to the area of Manoguayabo.

“This equipment has the capacity to solve, in an immediate way, specific needs of drinking water for human consumption with the best possible water quality”, said David Cohen, general director of DEMTECH Technologies Solutions, SRL, and engineer Daniel Vicioso, technical manager.

Likewise, the Israeli Ambassador Daniel Biran expressed “This machine can generate up to 900 liters of water per day, and supply between 500 to 600 people daily”. “The idea is to take advantage of the natural wealth of the country. I always say that the Dominican Republic can be called “God’s gift”, here there is everything”.

The executives added that, in the social area, with this technology they could benefit towns, schools, high schools, hospitals, etc. But also in the private sector could have their water needs completely solved: hotels, industries, clinics and hospitals, schools and high schools, just by having electricity.

DEMTECH Technologies Solutions, SRL is a recognized Dominican company that offers water solutions tailored to the needs, always innovative and with the latest technology. At the event, the company’s executives announced upcoming presentations of the technology, aimed at the private sector.


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