Dominican Republic to experience significant growth in solar energy

The Dominican Republic’s power generation park will experience “remarkable growth” in solar plants, according to grid coordinator OC.

In its preliminary long-term operation report for 2022-2025, OC highlights that the renewable energy source could represent 34-53% of new installed capacity.

In September, photovoltaic power plants accounted for 6.57% of the country’s installed capacity.

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BNamericas’ Project Profiles feature 40 solar projects in early stage or under construction in the Caribbean nation.

Over the four-year period, natural gas would account for 36-57% of new installed capacity; wind power, 5-6%; and biomass, municipal solid waste and LPG, the remainder.

In terms of generation, natural gas is expected to account for 33-48.6%; coal, 26-35%; hydropower, 4.8-15.5%; wind, 5.0-6.4%; solar, 2.7-12.7%; oil, 3.3-5.3%; and biomass and LPG, the remainder.

Meanwhile, demand in 2022 would increase by 4.2% and by 3.3% annually between 2023 and 2025, adds the report, available here.

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