Dominican Republic to reach 7 million tourists this year

The Dominican Republic aims to receive more than 7 million tourists by 2022, according to the country’s Minister of Tourism, David Collado.

Reaching that figure would be a historic record for the country, representing the largest total volume of tourists in the Greater Caribbean region.

January in the Dominican Republic was a strong month, receiving more than half a million travelers.

Minister Collado, speaking at the DATE conference, noted that the number would have been higher in January had it not been for a large number of flights cancelled due to winter storms in the northeast.

If the 7 million number is to be reached, authorities will need to encourage a rebound in arrivals from Canada, considered one of their strongest source markets.

Collado also acknowledged a strong improvement in the Colombian market, which sent up to 20,000 travelers to the country in both December and January, so ‘we are compensating with other countries. Russia has compensated. In December 2019 22,000 Russian citizens arrived, in December 2021 52,000 arrived and in January the same is happening’.


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