Dominican Republic’s hotels all booked up for Easter

APRIL 2014

More than 60,000 rooms across the country

The more than 60,000 rooms across the country’s various resort areas are already all booked up for Easter Week, said Dominican Republic Hotels and Tourism Association (Asonahores) vice president Arturo Villanueva. He said summer homes and real estate projects have a similar situation.

He said as much as 20% of the rooms are reserved for local tourists and the rest for foreigners, mostly by international tour operators who book up to seven months in advance, and up to four to three months for locals.

The yearly exodus prompts hoteliers and authorities to implement safety measures to prevent accidents on roads and beaches. Hoteliers also suspend some activities on the beaches during the week.

Villanueva praised the Metropolitan Transit Authority (Amet) and the National Police for implementing heightened controls to ensure public safety, such as the large number of officers assigned to patrol the roads.

The business leader said the Public Health and Environment ministries also play an important role and make an extraordinary effort to avert mishaps, adding that demand has grown around 10% this season which in his view consolidates the country’s position in tourism.

Stay home Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez on Thursday urged the Dominican Catholics, especially youngsters and parents, to stay home on Easter week and attend the various religious services in all the Catholic churches to mark Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

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