Dominican tourism legislation is outdated

It’s time to make some changes

The president of the Dominican Republic Tour Operators Association, Elizabeth Tovar, who is also the owner of the Turenlaces tour operating company, has called for serious efforts to improve rulings affecting businesses and tourism operations in the Dominican Republic during her participation in the First Dominican Tourism Forum (Fodatur) ongoing at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel.

She added that Dominican tourism legislation is outdated. She said the lack of clarity and penalties result in a situation where having a licensed tourism operation does not grant any privileges or protection, and only brings higher costs.

The country is not in a position to continue postponing the reorganization and regulation of tourism, she said. She added that since tourism is the country’s main industry, we could not lose more competitiveness than that what has already been lost.

She explained the implementation of 21st Century legislation would allow the country to develop tourism with an institutional framework that would encourage investment.

Today there is a state of impunity that makes the operation more advantageous for those who do not meet the legal requirements, thereby diminishing the quality of services, tax contribution and sustainability of operations and investments, she stressed.

From her position as the president of the Tour Operators Association she informed she has already started consultations that could lead to the needed modern legislation.

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