Dominicans can travel to Brazil without a visa as of Thursday

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Brazil announced that as of this Thursday Dominicans in possession of ordinary passports will be able to travel to Brazil without the need for a visa.

The agreement signed between the Dominican Republic and Brazil explains that Dominicans may enter, leave, transit and stay, for tourism or business purposes, for a period of up to 60 days, renewable for the same period, “so that the total period of stay does not exceed 120 days in each 12-month period, counted from the first entry into the territory of both countries”.

The agreement on the Elimination of Visas for Tourist and Business Purposes, signed in Brasilia on May 14, 2018, had to go through all the requirements set forth by the two countries in order to enter into force and aims to ensure the principle of reciprocity, as well as to facilitate travel between the two countries.


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