DR develops 16 patents in innovation center

With the inauguration of the Design and Innovation Center of the Eaton Corporation DR Free Trade Zone, the Dominican Republic takes a qualitative leap to establish itself as a Hub for the development of patents and strengthen the strategy of becoming a Nearshore destination, specialized in the manufacture of high-tech products that are exported to the United States.

The inauguration of this center is in line with the government’s strategy to take advantage of the country’s privileged geographical position to promote trade in goods and services with countries close to its territory, such as the United States, taking advantage of the fact that large companies are relocating their production to closer destinations.

While leading the inauguration ceremony of the new Constanza SD Design Center extension, President Luis Abinader highlighted the diversification trend of the national free trade zones, which are on their way to becoming spaces for the development of brains specialized in design and technological innovation.

“The fiscal incentives offered by the government for foreign investment, added to our privileged geographical location, have allowed the Dominican Republic to continue laying the foundations to promote the development of export processing zones and the national Nearshore strategy,” said the president.

Abinader cited as an example that in recent years, this company Eaton displaced China in the assembly of components for certain electrical products that are now made in the Dominican Republic and subsequently marketed in the United States.

He cited that investors are taking advantage of the logistical facilities in the supply chain, the preferential regime of taxes and tariffs offered by the country and the significant reduction in the time for the transfer of goods to the United States.

For his part, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor (Ito) Bisonó, highlighted the process of technification that the free zone sector has exhibited in the country and emphasized the importance of betting on the development of innovation and disruptive ideas to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the country.

“We are proud to see the historic growth that export processing zones have experienced in the last two years. Investors continue to trust in the macroeconomic stability of the Dominican Republic both to set up their businesses and to expand their operations and this inauguration is a firm demonstration of this reality,” said Bisonó.

The minister reiterated that the government will continue to bet on increasing the development and professionalization of the labor force of the export processing zones, because the development of new technological enterprises will prevent the flight of high-level talent and will generate more quality jobs and more foreign exchange.

“The intellect of these Dominican brains is transforming the export processing zones and elevating them to a higher level of technological innovation and sustained growth. These talents have access to better paid jobs and with their preparation contribute to boosting the growth of exports and the national productive chain through Nearshoring,” said Bisonó.

Young engineers, graduates from different universities in the country, are working on the development of 16 patents currently registered at the Eaton Innovation Center, which will be implemented internationally, according to Ernesto Lebrón, general manager of the company.

“In this Center we will have a workforce of 95 highly qualified and specialized professionals in the areas of mechanical and electronic design engineering. These talents will work in the development of electrical switches and starters, design and maintenance of mixed switchgear and industrial control signals, process development, patents, among other innovative areas,” added Lebrón.

The Center signed a collaboration agreement with the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), to support the training of future engineering graduates from this university and to promote joint innovation and patent development projects. The infrastructure of the space, which is located on Los Proceres Avenue in front of INTEC, covers 17,653 square feet of construction, including 3,000 square feet for laboratories on the second floor. The building has four floors and two independent basements.

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