DR is ready to be a productive, logistic and recreational center serving the world

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, assured that the country is prepared to be a productive, logistic and recreational center at the service of the world due to its strategic location and proximity to important commercial destinations such as the United States, as well as for being the ideal territory for nearshoring, a fundamental step in the optimization of supply chains.

“We have invested in the expansion and modernization of infrastructure aimed at facilitating trade and participating more actively in the global exchange of goods and services,” said the Vice Minister.

Peña said that in order to promote a business climate as a detonator of competitiveness, and dismantle barriers to investment, the country has a legal framework composed of laws, incentives and national and international agreements focused on attracting and protecting foreign capital.

The official mentioned that the country seeks to increase the efficiency of public administration through clear, timely and transparent regulatory frameworks that allow the simplification of procedures and services, as well as the improvement in the quality of regulations, through initiatives such as “Zero Bureaucracy”.

He said that in the midst of an agitated and uncertain global scenario, the country enjoys political stability and social peace, and that, in economic terms, the country has been recognized worldwide for its rapid post-pandemic recovery, restoring jobs lost during the health crisis and recovering the most representative productive sectors, such as tourism.

“I am proud to say that our economic growth, our socio-political stability and social peace, our opportunities for expansion, our rich biodiversity, our warm and pleasant climate, as well as our available, motivated, trained and skilled labor force with facilities for high quality manual activities, have become visible in the eyes of the world,” said Peña.

Meanwhile, Susan Segal, President and CEO of the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, indicated that “the growth of the Dominican Republic is a reality that has been made possible by the vision of President Luis Abinader and Vice President Raquel Peña. This vision includes an important and fundamental role for the private sector”.

He also mentioned that “it is very clear that the Dominican Republic is looking outward and that there are many opportunities for foreign investment and opportunities where the public and private sectors can work together”.

Also participating in the activity were government officials and multinational company executives, including Víctor Bisonó, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes; Andrés Gluski, President and CEO, AES Corporation, and Rolando González-Bunster, Chairman and CEO, InterEnergy Group.

Fuente: Eldia.com.do

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