The DR must diversify its tourism offer

The number of Italian tourists arriving in the country has decreased over the years, going from 200,000 visitors to less than 100,000.

Dominican tourism needs to focus on the diversification of its offer in order to attract more Italian tourists, who in recent years have decreased their presence in the country.

According to the Italian ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Stefano Queirolo Palmas, the country must diversify its tourist offer and offer more than beach and all-inclusive hotels, such as gastronomic, adventure and religious tourism.RD Mejora de Oferta Turistica

Tourists from Italy to the Dominican Republic went from 200,000 visitors per year to less than 100,000 in recent years. In 2022, 87,553 tourists arrived in the country.

Queirolo Palmas explained that the Italian tourist is inclined to adventure tourism and other types of tourism, beyond the all-inclusive, which is why together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they are holding a workshop on gastronomic tourism.

He indicated that this is a bilateral “experiment program” that they hope will work as it does in Italy.

“If it diversifies, it will surely enter a more advanced phase; it is a beautiful country (Dominican Republic) that has so much to offer, not only beaches, not only all-inclusive,” he said.

He maintained that by managing to diversify the offer, the country would attract more tourists not only from Italy, but from other parts of Europe and the world.

The ambassador pointed out that each Italian tourist spends an average of 1,200 euros during his stay in the country, for a total of around 100 million euros.

Out of a total of 8.4 million tourists arriving in the country, 1.4 million are Europeans. From Germany 25%, Spain 26.5%, France 31.7%, Italy 12.8% and the Netherlands 4.1%.


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