DR participates in dialogue on protection of children and adolescents in Costa Rica

The Dominican Republic continues to join efforts to achieve sustainable tourism that guarantees the protection of children and adolescents (CAC) in tourist destinations.

The Vice-Ministry of Destination Management on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism participated in the San José Intersectoral Dialogue on the sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adolescents, which addresses the challenges, gaps and solutions in the travel and tourism sector.

The participation of the DR in the dialogue, a regional meeting led by the highest authorities such as the Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica, William Rodríguez López, and the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General on Violence against Children (UNSRSG), Najat Maala M’jid, was carried out as part of the international work agenda for GARA member countries.

The DR formalized its entry into the Regional Action Group for the Americas for the Prevention of Child Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (GARA) at the XVII Annual Face-to-Face Meeting, following the signing of the membership agreement on December 1, signed by Minister Collado and his counterpart Angelita Duarte de Melillo of Paraguay.

During the annual meeting, the Executive Secretary’s Report was presented, as well as the actions implemented by the Working Commissions during the first half of the year and the presentation of the observer States and organizations.

One of the most important agreements reached at the event was the collaboration of the countries of the region with the DR in the design and implementation of a National Code of Conduct for the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children.

Through direct exchanges with Najat Maala M’jid, special representative of the United Nations Secretary General on Violence against Children (UNSRSG) and the Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica, important issues were addressed.

The special representative, highlighted the work being done by the Dominican Republic in the fulfillment of the SDGs, addressing tourism development from an integral perspective that considers the development of communities and the protection of children and adolescents.


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