DR promotes the construction of a Tourism Policy SICA Region

The Dominican Republic is hosting the III Workshop for the Construction of the Regional Tourism Policy (PRETUR), with the participation of representatives of the member countries of the Central American Tourism Council (CCT).

This first face-to-face workshop after the covid-19 pandemic, has as its objective the promotion, prioritization and knowledge of the actions and contributions of the regional tourism sector at the highest level, which allows the articulation of its sustainable development with the other economic sub-sectors, for the coming years.

The workshop was led by the Vice Minister of Tourism for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Carlos Peguero, in his capacity as representative of the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Central American Tourism Council (CCT).

The workshop was attended by senior representatives of the National Tourism Administrations (ANT) and the private sector of the CCT member countries, who during the day will provide feedback on the strategic framework that will guide PRETUR, review its lines of action and outline a first management and implementation plan; inputs that will be submitted for approval by the Ministers of Tourism of the SICA Region, at its next regular meeting to be held this Wednesday.

Peguero said that this meeting is important for the integration of the countries that make up these organizations in the promotion and development of tourism in the region.

He said that for the Dominican Republic it represents a new step in the leadership and growth of the country’s tourism industry and “to see ourselves as a multi-destination option for the entire Caribbean and Central American region”.

On her part, Katherine Vado Rivera, Interim Executive Secretary and in charge of Financial Affairs of SITCA, said that the key objective of this Third Workshop is the human factor, since people are the main beneficiaries of the growth of local economies, as a dynamic and transforming factor that contributes to the reduction of poverty in these countries.

He considered it a great satisfaction that 2021 has been a good year for tourism in the Central American region together with the Dominican Republic, with important figures of 78% growth in visitor arrivals, job growth and income generation.

Within the framework of both meetings of the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA) and the Central American Tourism Council (CCT), on Wednesday 13, the Dominican Republic will assume the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Central American Tourism Council (CCT), in a ceremony led by Dominican President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado.

After 57 years of the creation of the Secretariat for Central American Tourism Integration (SITCA), the design of PRETUR will mark a historical milestone and an action that seeks to direct and interact from the strategic point of view, in the constitution of basic guidelines that promote the development of a more competitive, innovative, resilient, inclusive, but above all sustainable tourism.

This direction of the tourism activity, which is strategically led by the Central American Tourism Council (CCT) under the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Dominican Republic, would not be possible without a participatory opening, where all the entities involved must generate the necessary alliances to fulfill the common objectives in favor of socioeconomic development and for the benefit of the Central American peoples.

It is expected that the PRETUR will be approved by the CST during the second semester of the year 2022, in order to be submitted for approval by the Summit of Presidents at the end of the semester.

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