DR receives gold medal for Plan Aprendiendo en Casa Preservando la Salud implemented during COVID-19 pandemic

The Government, through the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, received in this city the gold medal for the innovations and strategies deployed within the framework of the Plan Aprendiendo en Casa Preservando la Salud (Learning at Home Preserving Health) implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time of presenting the award, the president of the National Association of Developmental and Educational Psychology for Children, Adolescents, Elderly and Disabled (INFAD), Florencio Vicente Castro, highlighted the contribution of the Dominican case to academia and teaching policies and assured, in front of national authorities, university rectors from Europe and Latin America and prominent researchers, that there is much to learn from what is happening in Dominican education.

Minister Fulcar said he was honored to receive such recognition and to do so on behalf of the Dominican Republic and each and every one of the country’s teachers who did their best to contain the harmful effects that the pandemic caused in the educational systems of the world and, in particular, in the Dominican Republic.

Fulcar also thanked the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, and his government for their constant support and commitment to the cause of education, without which it would have been impossible to achieve the progress made or underway.

Fulcar then had the opportunity to address the illustrious audience, explaining the details of the Learning at Home Preserving Health Plan, the centrality of the teaching policy in it and how the Dominican experience has become a global case study.

He also described the historic moment the Dominican Republic is going through, entering a path of development and prosperity that has the education of its people as its protagonist.

The event took place at the University of Granada, Spain, and was attended by the Rector of the University of Granada, Dr. Pilar Aranda Ramirez; the President of the Autonomous City of Melilla, Mr. Eduardo de Castro Gonzalez; the Minister of Education in Rabat, Dr. Maria Antonia Trujillo; the president of the National Association of Developmental and Educational Psychology of Childhood, Adolescence, Elderly and Disability (INFAD), Florencio Vicente Castro; the vice-rector of Internationalization of the University of Granada, Dr. Dorthy Anne Kelly; the general coordinator of the ECALCOR Project “Evaluation of teacher training in Latin America and the Caribbean. Quality assurance of education degrees”, Oswaldo Lorenzo Quiles; the dean of the Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences, Lucía Herrera Torres, and the executive secretary of the Andrés Bello Agreement, Delva Odalys Bastista Mendieta.

Also, the director of the Agency for the Quality of the Galician University System ACSUG, Dr. José Eduardo López Pereira; the director of International Projects and Agreements (Vice-rectorate for Internationalization) of the University of Granada, Irene Pedreira Romero; the director of the University Guidance Office, María Teresa Perandones González, and a hundred prominent researchers, university rectors and other prominent actors in education.

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