DR recorded an increase in exports and tourism in the first four months of the year

The value of agricultural exports was US$111.3 million.

Visitor arrivals increased by 608,131 foreigners.

The Dominican Republic registered in the first four months of the year an increase in tourism and exports, both agricultural and manufactured goods, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development reported on Thursday.

According to the last report ‘Sectoral Panorama’ of the Direction of Sectoral Economic Analysis of the Vice Ministry of Economic and Social Analysis, as of April the value of agricultural exports was 111.3 million dollars, which represents an inter-annual increase of 59.5 %, reaching in the first four-month period an accumulated value of 290.9 million dollars (inter-annual variation of 11.7 %).

This is especially due to increases in the export value of raw tobacco, cocoa beans and eggs, according to the document.

As for the demand for manufactured products (local manufacturing exports, free zones and domestic manufacturing operations), the study indicates that in April the year-on-year increase stood at 12.9%.

Tourist arrivals also showed an increase of 608,131 non-resident foreigners at the end of April, for an inter-annual increase of 3.5%, which is equivalent to 20,700 more travelers.

Thus, in the first four months of the year, 2.6 million tourists arrived in the country, representing an accumulated inter-annual variation of 11.6%.

Most tourists in this period were of U.S. nationality (39.5 %), followed by Canadians (17.5 %), Colombians (4.0 %), Argentines (3.2 %), French (3.1 %), Puerto Ricans (2.5 %), British (2.1 %) and Brazilians (2.1 %).


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