DR to participate in CARIFORUM and EU meeting

The Dominican Republic will participate in the meeting of the Joint Council of Ministers of the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) and the European Union, to be held in Barbados on October 11-12, 2022.

At the event, where cooperation between the Caribbean region and the European Union will be discussed, the Vice Minister of International Cooperation, Olaya Dotel, will be accompanied by the Director of Regional Cooperation, Lidia Encarnación.

The Caribbean and the EU are like-minded on many issues and are important players in multilateral fora, with a high potential for the creation of alliances around their current political priorities and regional interests.

In this context, cooperation actions under the Neighborhood, Development Cooperation and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI-Europe Global) fall under three mutually reinforcing Caribbean-EU partnerships: Green Pact; Economic Resilience and Trade; Governance, Security and Human Development. The goal is to advance towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and facilitate transformative changes to ensure a sustainable and resilient recovery of the region.Olaya Dotel

The Council is expected to discuss the dialogue and coordination mechanism that will facilitate a policy-driven implementation of the three Caribbean-EU partnerships and enhance effective program delivery.

The EU has expressed that the joint ministerial meeting and the launch of the three Caribbean-EU Partnerships will mark a key milestone in the relationship between the two regions. In addition, the agency expects meaningful exchanges between political leaders and confirmation of mutual commitment to fulfill this important relationship between the two regions.

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