Edesur launches its Open Doors Program

Edesur Dominicana has started its “Open Doors” program, an initiative that allows the public from different social spheres to learn about the operation of the Electricity Distribution Company, to dispel myths and learn about the Dominican electricity sector.

Through the guided visits, people are taken on a tour of key areas of the Institution such as: the Call Center, Reading and Billing and the Network Operation Center.

In these departments, visitors have the opportunity to see how each area works and interact with the executives. They can ask questions and receive clarifications.

In the places visited, they are shown how the process of reporting a breakdown, a claim and everything related to billing begins, then they go on to see how electricity is distributed and reaches homes, companies and businesses, among other areas.

By interacting with the Edesur team, in areas such as Reading and Billing, visitors can see how the billing process is carried out step by step. They are explained how to read their meter and interpret every detail on their bill. This allows customers to have full control of their consumption.

Within the first tours, students of electrical engineering from Unapec and Infotep have participated, followed by community leaders from Cristo and businessmen from provinces in Edesur’s concession area, who had the opportunity to see the operations of the Electricity Distribution Company from the inside.

Edesur encouraged business groups, community leaders, students, communicators and influencers and all those interested in learning more about Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur to contact the Strategic Communications Department at 809-683-9292 Ext. 77186 and 77167.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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