Edesur starts construction of substation in Rancho Arriba

Edesur Dominicana broke ground for the construction of a substation in Rancho Arriba, to improve the electric service in the area, which will serve as a boost for agricultural producers and residents of that demarcation.

The general manager of Edesur, Milton Morrison, said that a 5-7 MVA, 69/12.5 kV power transformer will be installed. The project will be at 69/12.5 kV and contemplates civil and electromechanical works for its commissioning.

He explained that these works will promote the development and modernization of the work carried out by the agricultural producers of Rancho Arriba, who for years used electric power plants for their greenhouses, which also polluted the environment and increased production costs.

“We made a commitment to electrify these greenhouses, and we did it; we are serving them quality and stable energy, but we saw the need to also build a substation, which will be a revolution in electrical matters.”


Edesur Rancho ArribaThe project will be located on the Rancho Arriba-Juan Adrián highway.
At the end of 2022, the government of President Luis Abinader, through Edesur, inaugurated a project for the rehabilitation of networks and the electrification of greenhouses in the Rancho Arriba municipality, with an investment of RD 232,489,505.30 million.

President Abinader, together with the general administrator of Edesur Dominicana, Milton Morrison, also inaugurated the first commercial office of the electricity distributor in this locality, which, in addition, is focused on inclusion, oriented to people with disabilities.

The government, through Edesur, also illuminated with almost 600 lamps the streets of Rancho Arriba; electrified and placed transformers in the baseball stadiums of Los Quemados and Arroyo Cano; also illuminated a basketball court in the Juan Luis sector, and another area, where a heliport will be built later.


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