English for Employability Program’ begins in Pedernales

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT) and the tourism sector of the province of Pedernales announced the launching of the English for Employability Program, aimed at tourism collaborators in the southern region.

Franklin García Fermín, head of Mescyt, assured that the launching of the program will have an impact on 10 thousand students in the southern region, in the first stage.

He explained that Pedernales is being driven to an unusual rise in the levels of development, especially in the tourism industry, for which it is urgent to improve the quality of services through the training of human resources capable of performing efficiently.

The governor of the province of Pedernales, Altagracia Brea de González, invited all citizens not to overlook every opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills.

“There is no better place for a Pedernalense to have more opportunities than in his own land,” she said.

Likewise, the vice minister of tourism for International Cooperation and executive director of the Pedernales Tourism Development Project, Carlos Peguero, indicated that the current government has gone from promises to deeds.

“We are preparing the people to receive the positive impact that is coming, this will be the first destination in the Caribbean and Latin America thought with sustainability from the beginning”, he concluded.

On his side, the bishop of the Diocese of Barahona, Andrés Napoleón Romero Cárdenas, reiterated the importance of welcoming all development projects that favor the southern region.

“We are glad that the eyes, hands and heart are set to continue creating interesting initiatives that involve this great province, which has been waiting patiently for many years,” he added.

English for Employability

The program based on a self-learning platform for all levels of the Common European Framework consists of more than 2000 hours of content, multimedia material and interactive exercises with voice recognition for pronunciation.

Through it, students will be able to obtain English levels ranging from A1 to C2, which includes the study of English for industry, with classes available every day, learning tools, translator, standardized placement tests, progress monitoring, grammar and pronunciation lab, articles and other tools.

The project is part of the Bilingualism Strategy promoted by President Luis Abinader, which consists of several stages of the Dominican Educational System, with the aim of equipping citizens with skills to ensure quality jobs, as well as improved services.


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