ETED optimizes lines and substations for cyclonic season

In view of the beginning of this year’s cyclonic season, which is expected to be the most intense in the last decades, Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica Dominicana (ETED) informed that it is optimizing and strengthening its electric infrastructure in order to face the instability arising from the meteorological effects and to guarantee the stability of the electric service.

To this end, the company is constantly monitoring the lines and autotransformers, especially those of the 138 kV ring, in view of a season that is expected to be more active than normal.

Optimización De Infraestructura ElécticaTherefore, as part of these preventive actions, included in the contingency plan for the cyclonic season that ETED has kept active since the occurrence of heavy rains in the off-season, preventive maintenance is being carried out, consisting of: tree pruning, cleaning of substations, maintenance of lines and substations that feed the circuits throughout the national territory, to guarantee the permanence and stability of the service.

In addition, ETED will have brigades stationed at strategic points of the country to provide immediate response to any incident or damage.

In the Energy Control Center, ETED will have additional operators as a preventive security measure and immediate response.

ETED calls on the population to keep informed with official agencies and to maintain prudence at all times.

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