Expert Pagés: “Country Brand is a springboard for Dominican economic and social development”

In the opinion of publicist Felipe Pagés, Marca País is a “springboard” that catapults the economic and social development of the Dominican Republic, and therefore it is necessary for this “umbrella brand” to accompany, without competing, other sub-brands such as tourism.

His criterion is that “if the Dominican brand is powerful, all Dominicans will benefit”.

“We needed an umbrella brand above that could accompany, not compete, but accompany all the sub-brands that the Dominican Republic is going to have”, he added in the program El Gobierno de la Mañana.

Pagés said that Marca País has several pillars: citizenship, culture, foreign investment and free zone exports.

He also stated that Marca País Dominicana does not intend to compete with any of the sub-brands such as tourism. He pointed out that in the last 30 years, the country has grown in practically all areas.

“All the research that had been done in a spirit of State continuity was reviewed, revised and updated,” he said.


The expert said that, on the occasion of the “Dominican Republic Full of Talent” contest, in its first stage more than 300 students submitted proposals to join the fair, leaving 25 in the competition and ending up with six proposals at the end.

“The inspiration of the young people, their ideas, their fresh, renewed perspectives of what our country is, together with the experience and talent of the tutors and jurors is where we are today,” he said.

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