SDE Malecon renovation project soon to be inaugurated

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, announced that the first section of the renovation works of the Malecon of Santo Domingo East will be inaugurated in April.

Collado highlighted the social and economic impact that the work on the Malecon of Santo Domingo East will have for the residents of the country’s largest municipality, indicating that the work is part of the comprehensive plan to recover the sea view throughout the Dominican Republic.

“When we were mayor of the city of Santo Domingo, we were committed to recovering the Malecon of Santo Domingo with few resources, the left section and now we are here, we are here with a passion, a feeling, to recover the view of the sea throughout the Dominican Republic, the left section and now we are here in Santo Domingo, the largest municipality of the Dominican Republic, in this seawall with an investment of some 600 million pesos where we are going to leave for granted the recovery of the sea view in this municipality and that the seawall becomes again an area of leisure and recreation for all the families but also especially for the tourists who visit the great Santo Domingo”, he said.

The official indicated that in all parts of the world the hotels and properties with sea view have a much higher priceProyeto de Renovacion Malecon so they are working to recover and beautify the marine coasts of the country that look abandoned.

“We seek to revalue the land, the properties in front of the sea so that hotels are built and the economy is invigorated, that new entrepreneurs are born and above all that the country has a coordinated urban vision, which is what we are doing here, as if it were an extension of the Malecon of Santo Domingo, the same architects, the same layout, the same designs,” he said.

The Minister of Tourism said that the Malecon of Santo Domingo East will have a professional Skate Park for Olympic sports.

“This is a sign of the vision of the Cabinet of Tourism and President Luis Abinader to connect with the youth and raise works that have a use for young people, and especially with a vision to promote inclusive sports tourism”.

David Collado indicated that from MITUR they are working to recover all the piers of the country such as San Pedro de Macorís, Caleta in La Romana, Samaná, among others.

Dispatching from piers

Collado said that from the Ministry of Tourism continues the practice initiated when he was mayor of dispatching in the parks or the malecones or the works they have in progress.

“Even if I am dispatching another subject I sit down to work from that work in progress and with this we generate a pressure that they have to finish and also the whole team is valuing what is being done. This is an extremely significant work, this is not simply the recovery of a boardwalk, this is an urban vision, this is a work thinking of the people”.

Anato Fair

David Collado, who is already in Colombia to participate in the most important tourism event in that country, the Anato Showcase, from February 22 to 24 in Bogota, where the Dominican Republic will be the guest country, highlighted the importance of this fair for Dominican tourism where Santiago de los Caballeros will be promoted as a cultural and tourist destination.

Collado revealed that Colombia has become a very important market for the Dominican Republic “in the last 9 months Colombia has been in the third place in the ranking of the countries of origin of tourists to the country” he said after being interviewed by Moisés González Peña, of the digital newspaper Despertar Nacional.

The Anato Showcase is the scenario where travel agencies, hotels, airlines, tourism representation companies, as well as national and international destinations, generate business opportunities through strategic alliances to strengthen their portfolio of services.

The Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) will begin its agenda of activities today in Bogota, Colombia, one day before the start of the 42nd edition of the Anato Showcase. In this regard, Minister David Collado will hold a meeting with travel agencies, tour operators and Colombian airlines.


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