Flying from Guatemala, merengue at 30,000 ft

On flight from Guatemala, merengue at 30,000 feet with the group Bonyé

Arajet’s flight included tour operators, diplomatic missions, journalists, artisans and personalities who participated in the Dominican Week in Guatemala.

The trip by plane at 30,000 feet of altitude did not stop the celebration of the Dominicans who visited Guatemala this week in a flight of the new airline Arajet.

This week was celebrated in the Central American country the Dominican Week in Guatemala, which was attended by a large Dominican delegation, which was transported by the airline, which this September will formally start flying to Guatemala City from Santo Domingo.

In the middle of the flight, the members of the tasty group Bonyé, surprised everyone, even the airline staff, and began to play the merengue Los Algodones.

The flight went into party mode, the people were happy and even the plane seemed to dance to the rhythm of a sudden turbulence, which put an end to the vacillation due to security measures enforced by the airline.

Thus culminated a week of bilateral exchange that has been considered a historic boost to relations between the two countries.

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