French Ambassador dreams of Haiti becoming like Dominican Republic

The French ambassador in this country, Mr. Eric Founier, proclaimed yesterday in this city, that he dreams that the neighboring country of Haiti resembles the Dominican Republic and called on the other powers of the world and the countries of the area, so that all of them seek a collective solution to the serious problems that the neighboring country of Haiti is going through.

According to the veteran diplomat, although the priority for France at this time is climate change, however, it is necessary that the other countries of the area and the so-called powers of the world, led by the United Nations.

The United States as well as other nations in the area, such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama, respectively, should join in a militant way to work for the stability and peace of the neighboring country.

In this sense, he explained that Haiti has been shaken in recent years by serious problems that have deepened its crises, including earthquakes, the assassination in July of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, and currently criminal gangs, which according to the Ambassador are a terrible headache, not only for the neighboring nation, but also for the Dominican Republic.

“Now what we can do is to prepare a solution with the support of the United Nations, with the United States, with Mexico, Costa Rica, from Panama as well; the initiative of President Abinader, for example is very interesting because he wants to do a common thing, together, and not just one country; the solution will be a collective solution,” said Fournier.

However, the diplomat expressed that his work at the moment is circumscribed in supporting the Dominican Republic more than the neighboring Haitian nation, for which he expressed that he dreams that one day the referred country could one day be like this part of the island.

“I have a dream, and it is that Haiti can be like the Dominican Republic, because here I can see every day, the development, the prosperity of the economy, the happiness of the people, and my dream is that one day, Haiti will also know prosperity like here,” said Ambassador Eric Founier.

he French diplomat visited this province accompanied by his wife and children and during his tour of Hermanas Mirabal, he visited the Scientific High School, Doctor Miguel Canela Lázaro, the Mayor’s Office of Salcedo, the Mirabal Sisters Museum and finally met with businessmen and friends in the community of Loma Azul, where he was received by the president of the Regional Council for Development Development, Dr. José Aníbal García.

Founier was also accompanied by the former vice-president of the Republic, Dr. Jaime David Fernández Mirabal, Luciano Bertozzo, the mayor of Salcedo, Mercedes Ortiz, as well as various personalities who have a direct impact on the development of the entire northeastern region of the country.

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