Goodbye to rapid tests and PCR to enter the Dominican Republic!

International passengers will now be able to enter the country without presenting PCR or antigen tests against the Covid-19 coronavirus after the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), by means of a resolution, annulled the measure that required travelers to present the document upon their arrival at Dominican airports.

The measure is contained in resolutions 99-2022 and 100-2022 signed on Saturday, April 23 by the president of the agency, Jose Ernesto Marte Piantini.

From now on, travelers entering the national territory by air will be exempted from presenting PCR and antigen tests for the prognosis and detection of the Covid-19 coronavirus and its variants, upon their arrival at the terminals.

Goodbye to the tests!
By means of resolution 99-2022, the entity indicated that the performance of random tests for the rapid detection of Covid-19, both for passengers and crew, upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, is no longer in effect.

However, the regulatory body of the State’s aviation policy clarified that random testing operations may be carried out when necessary. Likewise, passengers presenting their vaccination card would be exempted from random testing.

The CAB also indicated that measures will be reviewed in case new actions are required to prevent the entry of Covid-19 variants into Dominican territory.

The decision to waive the sanitary and protocol controls in the country’s airports by the Public Health authorities and the government is a result of the drastic reduction of contagions in the country during the last few months.

The resolution issued by the Civil Aviation Board JAC, was sent to the administrations of the different international concessioned and private airports operating in the national territory for its compliance.

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