Government begins this Monday to convene national leadership to push for reforms

The Government will begin this Monday with the calls to the “great national leadership” to support the development of the so-called “agenda of reforms” that it intends to implement in the remaining three years of this administration, as announced by President Luis Abinader in his speech last Wednesday.

The information was offered by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza on his Twitter account who indicated that the invitation will be made by means of missives.

“By instructions of Mr. President Luis Abinader, we will communicate starting tomorrow by missive, to the great national leadership, an invitation to join efforts to promote the reforms he referred to last Wednesday in his speech to the nation,” Paliza wrote on the referred social network.

In total there are 12 reforms that the president intends to promote, headed by one to the Constitution of the Republic, in order to allow the separation of powers and that these do not depend “on the good will of a President” and that for this he needs the support of “the entire national leadership”.

He will also promote reforms in the electric sector, water, National Police, educational quality, health among others and said that these will produce a second institutional and material restoration for the Dominican Republic.

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