Government executes works in Valverde province with investments of more than RD$780 million

The president of the Dominican Municipal League (LMD), Víctor D ́Aza, informed that a total of 13 works for an amount of RD$780,664,914 are in execution by the Government in this province, of which some will be delivered in this 2022 and others in the course of 2023.

D ́Aza spoke in these terms during the community meeting called “The Government in the Provinces”, which took place at the national level and which the Dominican Municipal League led in the province of Valverde with the objective of listening and talking about the concerns of the residents of the three municipalities that compose it: Mao, Esperanza and Laguna Salada.

Regarding the works in Mao, which involve an investment of RD$265,623,138, the official mentioned the cleaning of irrigation canals in the regional directorates Bajo and Alto Yaque del Norte and Matas de Santa Cruz, Villa Vásquez, Santiago and Mao; as well as the construction of the Curno-UASD high school; a nursery school; the Taitabón elementary school and the athletics track in the Mao 97 sports complex.

He indicated that these works are planned to be finished this year and the first quarter or second quarter of next year, specifying that they are in a physical progress of 99%, 91%, 79% and 23% respectively.

He also announced that in a period of less than two years the municipality of Esperanza will have installed a nursery, three high schools and a basic school, as well as a hospital. These works will have a cost of RD$441,646,244.

In addition, he mentioned that the works for the construction of a school and the portal of the municipality of Laguna Salada are progressing. The programmed investment for these infrastructures would be RD$73,395,532.

Likewise, he detailed that the social assistance programs, Aliméntate, Bono Gas, Bono Luz, Aprende and Avanza, have a great incidence in Valverde, due to the fact that 23,384 households of this province are beneficiaries of these programs.

It is also noteworthy that 53% of the resources of the Local Government Support Program executed by the LMD have been transferred, which are directed to local infrastructure works for the improvement of municipal services, according to which the three municipalities of the province will receive a total of RD$53,695,308.

The official explained that thanks to the public policies implemented by President Luis Abinader, the Dominican Republic has come out on the right foot in the face of the geopolitical and economic effects left by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

In this sense, D’ Aza pointed out that 15,335.6 million pesos have been allocated to stabilize fuel prices in the months of January, February, March, April and May.

During the activity, held at the UASD-Centro Mao campus, to announce the achievements and projects of the government in this province, he highlighted other aspects which show the good functioning of the national economy, such as the increase in remittances, the recovery of tourism, the direct benefit to producers through financing at zero rate with the Banco Agrícola, and the solidarity financing to micro-entrepreneurs at national level.

He also informed that the advances of the Government in the period 2020-2022 in the Health sector are reflected at the international level and as an example of this is that during this meeting chaired by Víctor D’Aza, President Luis Abinader is in Switzerland receiving recognition for the leadership in the country in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said that currently some 20,218 people are registered in the program for the Timely Detection of Cervical-Uterine, Breast and Prostate Cancer.

The meeting, in which the municipalities expressed their concerns, was also attended by the governor of the province, Deysi Aquino, the senator for Valverde, Martin Edilberto Nolasco, the deputies of the province, Martha Collado and Gustavo Rodríguez, as well as the Regional Director of Health of the Northeast, Ramón Rodríguez.

Also present were the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipal Districts (Fedodim), Pedro Richardson, the mayors of Esperanza and Mao, Freddy Rodríguez and Odalís Rodríguez, respectively, while Alberto Polanco represented the trustee of Laguna Salada.


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