Government injects RD $ 767 million into agriculture in the South region

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, affirmed that in this province the Government injected 767 million 415 thousand pesos to boost agricultural production in the last six months.

When leading the order speech, during a meeting led by President Luis Abinader with the agricultural producers of the province, at the headquarters of the City Council, the holder of the portfolio said that it is not a promise but a reality that food safety is guaranteed , since the country is seeded from end to end.

He specified that in support of the country’s producers, 67 million pesos have been invested in seeds and seedlings; 45 million in interparcelar roads; 90 million 400 thousand in labeling of land; another 150 million in support of marketing; 203 million in financing at zero rates that benefited more than 600 producers and 493 million at other rates.

Minister Cruz said that to provide water to the plots that need it, Agriculture allocated 54 million pesos for the construction of reservoirs and water wells; and 15 million in modern equipment to accurately detect where the precious liquid is.

Other contributions

To continue promoting agriculture in San Juan, President Abinader declared that demarcation in a state of emergency, due to the levels of poverty and deterioration of its resources, for which the Government will execute a comprehensive development project with an investment of more than four billion pesos.

As part of the state intervention in this province, special incentives will be given for greenhouse agricultural production that will cover the municipalities of San Juan, Bohechío, El Cercado, Juan de Herrera, Las Matas de Farfán, and Vallejuelo.

Likewise, the construction and reconstruction of neighborhood roads, health centers, and drinking water systems, for which the National Institute of Potable Waters and Sewers (INAPA), contemplates an investment of about one billion pesos.


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